1 mile Kids' Fun Run

The Dave Schardt Memorial Fun Run for Kids, one mile in length, will be conducted along with the start of the Great Race. This is free to all kids who wish to participate.

The fun run will be started at the same time as the start of the Great Race run. Participating kids will start from a point well behind the main starting group. This will give them a sense of the excitement without putting them in danger of being overrun by bigger, faster, and stronger runners.

Those who wish to participate need no race number. All finishers will receive a partipant's ribbon. Parents who wish to run with their children are welcome to join in.

Those kids who wish to participate should report, shortly before 9:30 AM to a sign about 50 yards south of the main starting banner on East Lake Road. They will be formed up by Great Race volunteers, and guided to the start behind the race start.

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